Season School

In collaboration with YerazArt the ANPO continuously organizes seasonal master-classes, as well as winter, spring and summer music schools.

Every autumn, the ANPO organizes master-classes with the guest artists who come to participate in the Yerevan International Music Festival. In June 2016 the annual YerazArt Summer Music School (SMS) was launched, where students aged 14+ have the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from ANPO’s orchestra musicians.

The 2nd edition in 2017 was highly effective and confirmed the importance of intensive studies with young talents.

In February 2018 the Low Brass Winter School was organized, whilst the 3rd edition of YerazArt Summer Music School was due from June 18 to 28. Selected talents got valuable master-classes from principals of the orchestra majoring in flute, oboe, bassoon, French horn, trombone and tuba.

The 4th edition is due in June 2019.