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Armenian National Anthem - performed by the Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra. Conductor Eduard Topchjan. September 2011 (click to download)

Armenian National Anthem - performed by the Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra and Armenian State Academic Capella. Conductor Eduard Topchjan. September 2011 (click to download)


VIP Talk

  • Stefano Anselmi (Italy)

    08 January, 2007

    Our experience in Yerevan was positive and rewarding, both from an artistic standpoint and that of hospitality. Thank you, for the excellent work of Conductor Topchjan and his great orchestra. The performance of Othello, considering the limited time available for testing, was almost a miracle and I want to point out that this miracle was possible mainly thanks to the skill and professionalism of the Maestro Topchjan. I take this opportunity to send all my best wishes for a happy and productive new year.
    La nostra esperienza a Jerevan è stata positiva e gratificante, sia sotto il profilo artistico che quello dell’ospitalità. Ringrazio, per questo, l’ottimo lavoro organizzativo del direttore Topchjan e la sua grande orchestra. La recita di Otello, considerando il poco tempo a disposizione per le prove, è stata quasi un miracolo e ci tengo a precisare che questo miracolo è stato possibile principalmente grazie alla bravura ed alla professionalità del M° Topchjan.
    Colgo l’occasione per fare a tutti i miei migliori auguri per felice e produttivo nuovo anno.

  • Martin Berkofsky

    18 December, 2006

    Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you for all you have done, for
    all you have given; thank you for how you have opened your hearts to give something of such extraordinary beauty and meaning to the world. I will never forget this visit and this experience, for it represented the
    finest of all human experience as we all worked together as brothers. What a profoundly wonderful and beautiful example you have set before
    a world which so much needs your example of such high and noble deeds. With deep gratitude and respect.

  • Gary Barnett, piano (USA)

    18 March, 2006

    Indeed a world-class ensemble, the APO boasts musicians of the finest calibre.
    There was a unique synergy between Maestro Poghosian and the orchestra. It was a rare joy to be piano soloist with the APO for the premiere of Jeff Manookian’s Piano Concerto.
    The APO possesses warmth, sensitivity, and virtuosity – not just making it the cultural jewel of Armenia, but an orchestra distinguished among this planet’s extraordinary musical treasures.

  • Paolo Marzocchi, piano (Italy)

    27 October, 2005

    The Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra is a perfect, versatile orchestra capable to present a variety of non common colors. Great power of sound, and at the same time softness and gentleness in phrases. What really makes this orchestra unique are the musicians, great professionals, but first of all wonderful people, sensitive and humane.
    Making music with them is a rare pleasure.
    La Armenian Philarmonic Orchestra ? una orchestra bellissima,
    versatile e capace di una variet? di colori non comune. Grande
    potenza di suono, e al tempo stesso morbidezza e grande dolcezza
    nelle frasi. Quello che per? veramente rende unica quest’orchestra
    sono i suoi musicisti, ottimi professionisti ma prima di tutto
    persone stupende, per umanit? e sensibilit?. Fare musica con loro ?
    un piacere raro.

  • Nurhan Arman, conductor (Canada)

    09 November, 2002

    I am so happy to return to the Armenian Philharmonic.
    The orchestra is now revitalized with a dynamic young music director and an energetic administration that will bring our orchestra to new heights.
    I am having a wonderful time rehearsing with my talented colleagues.
    Best wishes to continued success. Much love and hugs. (9.11.2002)

  • Emmanuel Siffert, conductor (Switzerland)

    14 March, 2005

    It was for me a great pleasure to work with the Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra, an excellent formation. I enjoyed the progress of the work during the rehearsal period. There was also a very friendly atmosphere with the musicians. This is giving a lot of positive influence to the musical result. I hope to work soon again with the APO.

  • Paul MacAlindin, conductor (Great Britain)

    19 January, 2005

    “What a joy to work with such creative musicians! We’ve spent a lovely week together opening up to each other’s ideas and musicianship. Thank you all for sharing the faith and the trust with me for that to happen. Go APO!”

  • Gabriele Pieranunzi, violinist (Italy)

    15 February, 2003

    My impression of playing with Karen Durgarian and the Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra was good. I loved it. My feeling was undoubtedly very good. I hope to come back and play together again.

  • Jeff Manookian, composer, conductor (USA)

    29 November, 2002

    Not only is the Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra a world-class musical ensemble, these musicians sincerely care about the music they produce. It is an indescribable joy to conduct and work with my friends and colleagues of the APO. My annual visits to Yerevan to conduct this orchestra, indeed, recharge my musical “batteries” for the entire year. Among my collaborations with other orchestras across the globe, my music making with the APO always remains the most memorable.

  • John Pickford Richards, viola-player (USA)

    29 November, 2002

    The APO was a fantastic orchestra to play with as well did it provide me with a wonderful introduction to Armenia! My thanks to them all.

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