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Armenian National Anthem - performed by the Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra. Conductor Eduard Topchjan. September 2011 (click to download)

Armenian National Anthem - performed by the Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra and Armenian State Academic Capella. Conductor Eduard Topchjan. September 2011 (click to download)



Isabelle Faust

11 September, 2013

I am so happy to be with all of your wonderful musicians! Thank you for your enjoying music together with me. I am very grateful for such beautiful moments together… All the best you!”

Boris Berezovsky

20 December, 2007

Thank you so much! I am stunned by the quality of your amazing orchestra! Keep up the great work!

Mark Varshavski, conductor

09 March, 2001

I take with me the best memories of the Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra in March 2001.
It still rings in my ears the wide, touching sound of the stringed instruments in Rachmaninov’s Symphony N2, the masterly easiness of wind instruments in the “classical” symphony of Prokofiev. Working with the orchestra was easy – the musicians quickly responded to all the requests of the conductor, but were also demanding to him, which contributed to the success of the concert. Remarkable staff, which deserves international recognition!!!

Constantine Orbelian, conductor (USA)

16 November, 2001

To the Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra!
It has been a great pleasure to work with this fine orchestra in the most historic hall.
I look forward to many more meetings with these wonderful musicians.
With warmest wishes.

Alexei Lyubimov, pianist (Russia)

23 November, 2001

I am very grateful to the Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra for the wonderful work together in the Brahms concerto. I really liked the sound of the orchestra, the sensitivity and enthusiasm, the fine quality of playing. Thanks a lot to Eduard Topchjan – working with him was enjoyable and very creative.

Hrachia Harutiunian, violinist (Germany)

25 January, 2002

Being well acquainted with the creative routine and having collaborated with the orchestra during many years, I want to express my appreciation especially about our creative work of the last years.  Of course, I am a witness of professional growth in the orchestra in general. The harmony of the stringed instruments, the sound of wind instruments and the high professionalism of the soloists are of great interest. All this forms creative high quality. Besides I want to mention one of the characters of the orchestra, which is not typical of others. That character is enthusiasm, which is very important for art. All the above mentioned allows us to compare the Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra with the best orchestras of the world.

Murad Annamamedov, conductor (Yaroslavl, Russia)

15 February, 2002

To the Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra
Gratitude, love, friendship, prosperity, cordiality, success.

Luc Baghdassarian, conductor (Switzerland)

22 February, 2002

Dear Orchestra Philharmonic, Thank you for this gorgeous concert! Thank you to have been so expressive!! Thank you to be so friendly with me!!! I think, that Brahms and especially Beethoven would have been very happy to hear you in this wonderful concert!!! Thank you to represent our country of this such of manner. Thank you for the music!!!! Thank you to the staff of the philharmonic!!!!!

Lukas Groen, conductor

08 March, 2002

My general feeling about the rehearsals during the week are that I feel that every member has worked very hard, seriously and professional to create the result for the concert on Friday. I have enjoyed very much to work with this orchestra and hope to come back once. Although we had a very difficult program to do, I feel very satisfied with this week’s result. I hope the feeling of the orchestra is mutual. I say my thanks to member of the orchestra.
My best wishes to them and staff and hope to see you again.

Vadim Shubladze, conductor (Georgia)

12 April, 2002

The Symphonic Orchestra of Armenia has been the dream of conductors since the Soviet period. But today the Philharmonic Orchestra has radically changed its character, scale, attitude and repertoire. The coming of the new conductor Eduard Topchjan, a musician with an outstanding talent, firm character, with excellent knowledge of the potential of each musician individually and whole orchestra in general – became a new stimulus not for following the traditions, but for a new, modern view on the technical skills and, naturally, for the broadening of the repertoire. And personally for me the four days of working with this remarkable staff, and, of course, the concert itself was a great pleasure. I wish future artistic success to the Philharmonic Orchestra, and take good care of your artistic director, as such a talent is subject of national pride.

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